Seoclerks clone wordpress theme, seoclerks affiliate store

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Seoclerks clone wordpress theme, seoclerks affiliate store - Previously I apologize for my shortcomings as I am not very proficient in the English language well and to continue my post this time is a new breakthrough by a reliable idea of the originator webmaster universities in Indonesia. Look at the theme this time is like from that of the original website or in other words can be called partially cloning, but it is not disputed by the parties themselves seoclrecks website and the fact that even many who try to make a similar theme and developed their corresponding wild idea - each originator of the idea. let us see pictures and equations theme Seoclerks website cloning is done the master.

Seoclerks clone wordpress theme, seoclerks affiliate store
Seoclerks Original
Seoclerks clone wordpress theme, seoclerks affiliate store
Simpleclerks cloning
Hheemm ...!! of how do you think my friend is the creativity? clonig really interesting work that is done, but to have that theme continue reading the following sentence is good ^ _ ^

Since the seoclerks API launched. Many webmasters here who made Seoclerks Affiliate Store. With these APIs allow the webmaster to retrieve data from Seoclerks and make a web application.
But of them no one has made wordpress themes to make affiliate store. Today I launched the SimpleClerks AGC Wordpress Theme.
With this theme, you will be able to make seoclerks affiliate store less than 10 minutes. Install this theme, set and forget. This theme will generate content automatically. Do a little promotion and get 10% commission from seoclerks forever.

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SimpleClerks features:

  • Easy installation, such as installing regular template.
  • Very easy configuration less than 5 minutes from theme options page.
  • Fast loading
  • Clean
  • Simple
  • Custom menu and widget support
  • Complete with video tutorials
  • Does not need any post

AGC (Auto Generated Content) and SEO Features:

  • AGC in homepage.
  • AGC in category page.
  • AGC in seacrh page
  • AGC in 404 not found page
  • Breadcrumbs ready
  • Seo friendly seacrh permalink
  • and more

And how much money you have to pay for this awesome theme?

$50 ?
$25 ?
or $15?

No, in this time,
I sell this theme for $13 only.
Grab yours now! And make some money from seoclerks affiliate program.

Attention: Prices will rise after 10 sales. So? Order Now!


  1. [YES] Install on your own unlimited domains.
  2. [YES] Customize theme script
  3. [NO] Install on client domains.
  4. [NO] Flipping purpose
  5. [NO] Resell again
  6. [NO] other above
NOTE: By purchasing this theme you're agree not to redistribute, resell, upload, share, or any other unless you bought resell rights to do so.

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